Our traditional craft distilling process begins with a controlled hand milling or mashing of locally grown grain. Capital K Distillery takes pride in selecting only the best Manitoba grown produce for our craft spirits.

Capital K Distillery does not use industrial grain neutral spirits (NGS) at any stage of production.

Fresh manitoba Produce

Creating the perfect Spirits 


Once the raw grain or fruit has been properly processed, it is mixed with hot water and sent to the fermentation tanks where it will sit for several days. Carbon dioxide and heat are added to break down the sugar in the raw materials and draw out the alcohol.

Our custom engineered purification process is the secret to our superior premium spirits. During distillation, the fermented mash that eventually becomes our craft product is distilled and filtered several times. The crown jewel in our purification process, an eighteen-foot column still, contains twenty plates to purify our spirits twenty times - well above the industry standard. The result is a pure, crisp alcohol that still maintains the flavourful essence of the raw, Manitoba grain. 


Capital K Distillery spirits are produced from grain to bottle by our Master Distiller. We take great pride in the craft process and stick to small batches to ensure quality and consistency in every bottle. 

All of our product is bottled, wax dipped, and labeled by hand in our distillery in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Visit us today for a guided distillery tour, and try our exceptional Tall Grass Vodka and Tall Grass Gin for yourself. 

The final touch