We’ve heard from some of you that our pricing was a barrier to enjoying our Tall Grass craft spirits. We heard you loud and clear and understood 100%.

Making craft spirits the way we do isn’t cheap. Small batch production means large overhead costs and unfortunately our pricing wasn’t something we could change… until now! As production has gone up, our overhead has gone down and we’re now in a position to offer our products at a reduced price. As of February 4, 2019 Tall Grass Spirits will be available in 750ml bottles for $39.99 at Liquor Mart, the distillery (1680 Dublin Avenue), and of course at all of the wonderful markets we have the opportunity to attend on a regular basis.

We hope this price reduction helps more of you enjoy what we love doing, and thank you all so much for getting us to this point. It’s your loyalty and love of our products that has allowed us to get to this point and we appreciate you all so much.

We have big things planned this year and can’t wait to share even more exciting and good news with you! Stay tuned and happy drinking. Cheers!