Ya we just said 'da bomb', but we said it for good reason! Our Tall Grass Rhumb and Tall Grass Oaked Grain Wheat Spirit have shipped and should be arriving in Manitoba Liquor Mart stores this week (yay!).

We've had a lot of questions about the unique names of these products and here's the deal:

Tall Grass Rhumb
Did you know that in Canada to be called rum a spirit has to be aged? it's true. Since we didn't have time to wait so our molasses spirit can't be called rum, so we're calling it Rhumb (sneaky right??). Anyway, this smooth, refreshing spirit will be perfect for your summer cocktail enjoyment. It's produced in Winnipeg, the heart of the prairies, but you'll swear that you're on a beach in Cuba. Try it with lots of ice and your fave cola, in a punch, or blend it up in a daiquiri. We promise you'll love it. 

Tall Grass Oaked Wheat Grain Spirit
Okay so the aging bit comes into play with this one as well. in Canada, whisky must be aged in oak barrels for three years. Ain't nobody got time for that so we sped up the process. We instead, aged this spirit with oak spirals that infuse it with flavour a lot quicker. Is it whisky? Nope. Is it delicious and something that we think all whisky fans will love? HECK YA! Try this baby on the rocks or in your favourite traditional whisky cocktail. It's going to flip your wig.

(Note: we have plans to age both of these spirits and release a proper rum and whisky one day, so stay tuned!!). 

With May long weekend upon us make sure you're grabbing your Tall Grass spirits for the weekend. They'll make climbing into that freezing water to put the dock and water line in a lot easer (trust us!). Check the Manitoba Liquor Mart website daily to see what stores have our products in stock! It sometimes takes a while for them to order it so be patient, or just come buy direct from us at 1680 Dublin Ave!