The launch of our first flavoured vodka is really exciting for us. Not only is it the first of many delicious flavours (dill with peppercorns and garlic, orange, and lemon are coming up soon!), but it represents the amazing things that can happen when local small businesses work together! Tall Grass Espresso Vodka is our premium craft vodka infused with De Luca’s premium espresso blend (pretty much the best coffee you’ve ever tasted), creating taste perfection!

Tall Grass Vodka is a premium, handcrafted vodka, produced grain-to-bottle at our distillery, following a custom-engineered purification process using a 20 plate distilling column. Our vodka is produced using premium Manitoba wheat and rye, which is distilled from the entire mash (not just liquid), resulting in a very smooth, rich and delicious handcrafted spirit.

There are so many amazing ways to enjoy this smooth, sugar free, espresso-y goodness. On the rocks, chilled neat, in a desert cocktail (you’ll be able to find some stellar recipes on our website soon), or as a substitute for coffee in an iced latte (Tall Grass Espresso Vodka + Ice + milk).

Tall Grass Espresso Vodka is now available at Manitoba Liquor Mart stores (for a list of who’s carrying it click HERE), and direct from our distillery at 1680 Dublin Avenue. Please buy a bottle! Not only will stellar cocktails be in your future, but you’ll support two amazing small businesses (and earn tons of karma points).

Thanks, and stay tuned for the next flavor launch (hopefully coming soon!)