If you haven't heard the news our second product, Tall Grass Gin, is now available at the distillery and at Manitoba Liquor Mart stores! This product is truly a labour of love and we're so excited for you to try it. Even if you're not normally a "gin person" we know you'll be blown away (plus everyone should be a gin person, cuz gin is awesome!).

"Tall Grass Gin is a refreshing experience, lending an aromatic nose with predominant citrus and floral notes. Handcrafted from the finest Manitoba grains and a proprietary blend of ten botanicals, Tall Grass Gin is made in small batches using a custom-engineered process and 20 plate distilling column. Tall Grass Gin drinks with a degree of softness, defying juniper heavy taste and expressing hints of coriander seed, rose hip, orange peel, cardamom, chamomile and lemon grass. Tall Grass Gin is perfect for sipping on the rocks or paired with soda. Made in Manitoba, this craft gin is distinctive, crisp, and one of a kind."

To make it even easier for you to get your hands on it, this handy link will take you to list of stores currently stocking it in Manitoba!