A funny thing happened to us a couple months ago (and by funny we mean "eeek!"). A nice lawyer from Toronto called and told us that the name of our vodka was too close to the name of his clients vodka and we had to change it. We pouted for a bit and grumbled the way Manitobans do when people from Toronto tell us what to do, and then we started thinking up new names. And thus Tall Grass Vodka was born!

We love the new name and think that represents the local pride that we feel so deeply. Our vodka is the result of hard working Manitoba farmers who tame the prairie and grow gorgeous wheat for us to transform. We're darn proud to be prairie people producing prairie, premium spirits. 

For now, the product with our old name and label (rhymes with "Brystal Wodka") is on the shelves at liquor mart, but it will soon be replaced with the new name and label. Regardless though it's delicious and you should go buy it. 

End of rant.

(We need a drink.)